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Perez CTC

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Channel 2 and 9 Feature on                        Perez CTC/SEC

    Classroom Professional Practice - Shipping / Receiving

    Classroom Professional Practice--Culinary Arts

    Classroom Professional Practice - Transition Skills / Student Leadership

    Perez SEC Educational Specialist Level II M.O.V.E. Class

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    School Year 2019-2020

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    Tentative dates for Summer School 2020

    June 29, 2020 to July 24, 2020

    Summer School 2020 Handout

    Welcome back to the new school year! We hope you had a great first week back. We are so thrilled to have a dynamic team to support our school programs this year. Each new school year brings positive changes and energy within our programs and staffing. We are delighted to welcome all new staff to Perez. This school year local district east has developed East LA Community of Schools on our campus, we welcome our local district. In addition, the Café will be the new location for all food sales at the school. Lastly, we are relieved to have all of our classrooms up and running on the pre-vocational side. A special thank-you to the summer team of assistant’s along with the custodial team that worked extra hard to prepare the school for the new school year. A great amount of time and effort went into recruiting students for the school year. We are proud to announce that our student number has increased to 312 and is still growing. We understand that class sizes are large, but we are working on the numbers. Please be patient as we continue to make changes to student programs and schedules. Keep in mind that students need a few weeks to acclimate to a new school. Your commitment to ensuring that Perez remains a celebrated and successful school is awe-inspiring. We eagerly look forward to a positive school year filled with rigor. 

    Please continue to visit "Together is Better" with your classroom teams to work on building strong cohesive teams.—Administration

    Reminder to check student back packs for important forms/ messages sent between home and school. - Administration