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May / mayo  2021

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Parent News

Our parent center serves as a resource for our parents providing educational workshops, information about students that are English Language Learners, ELAC and SSC meetings, and free use of the computers.  The parents help support school-wide functions, individual class room activities, and provide support to other parents and families.   Involvement in the parent center provides many opportunities for parents to be part of our school community.


Last year our school was chosen to join the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) at Johns Hopkins University based on the strong program our parent center already had in place. NNPS guides school teams of educators, parents, and community partners to use a research-based framework of six types of involve-ment (parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision making, and collaborating with the community) to plan and conduct comprehensive part-nership programs. School, family, and community partnerships is a better term than parental involvement. Partnerships can improve school programs and school climate, provide family services and support, increase parents’ skills and leadership, connect families with others in the school and in the community, and help teach-ers with their work. However, the main reason to create such partnerships is to help all students succeed in school and in later life. When parents, teachers, and students view one another as partners in education, a caring community forms around students and begins its work. To learn more about the partnership visit Mr. Terry (Reference: School, Family, and Community Partnerships – Your Handbook for Action – Epstein).

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California State University Self-Advocacy: A Journey Toward Community Inclusion

Friday September 30, 2016

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