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Jack Lahaie

Jack Lahaie

I am happy to be at Perez CTC.  I worked at Salvin Special Education Center for 19 years.  I also worked at Pio Pico Middle School last year, integrating with the general education students and our students (both in large and small group settings for gardening and art projects.  I am looking forward to an excellent year of working with our students with special needs!


Moreover, this program is a self-contained alternative curriculum classroom for students with multiple disabilities severe (MDS). All the students have severe cognitive deficits coupled with orthopedic impairments. Many of the students also have health issues, such as seizures throughout the school day. All the students are dependent upon the classroom staff members for all their daily living needs, such as: toileting/diapering, feeding, positioning and transitioning throughout the school day.


My staff and I use a variety of activities that are related to the monthly themes to keep the students engaged; and enhance their ability to progress in their various functional academic and physical development/mobility goals/domains. Activities that we utilize include songs, exploring learning toys, daily readings of pop-up and board books and PowerPoint presentations that are projected upon the classroom wall to review characters, objects and items related to each monthly theme throughout the school year. These learning activities provide the students with an opportunity to practice extending their focus/time on task; and in using their multi-modal system of eye-gave, facial expressions and body movements, coupled with utterances/vocalizations to make their needs, wants and desires known to staff members.