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School Psychologist

School  Psychologist

Hi, my name is Deborah Showers-Kelly. I am a school psychologist at Perez Career and Transition /Special Education Center. I love working with the students, parents and staff at Perez. It is truly like a family, as everyone does care so much for the students that their parents entrust to us.

As a school psychologist, I help students, their families and the staff with problems that affect their emotional well being, health, social and academic/vocational success. I develop and maintain collaborative relationships with community mental health agencies to secure the support that the student or family needs.

I believe that our students are remarkably resilient when they receive the help that they need. They can thrive, when they feel safe and supported. We work closely with staff and the family as well as the student to foster love and encouragement along with consistent expectations. Our goal is to help all students succeed to be the “best” of themselves.