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Auto Detailing

Perez Car Wash

The Perez Career & Transition Center (CTC) Auto Detail strand provides students the opportunity to acquire, maintain, and perform skills needed to gain an entry-level position as an auto detailer. Our students set up /break down work space; perform basic hand wash and chamois dry; vacuum the interior and trunk; clean the tires, rims & wheel wells; dress the tires (by applying a product that makes them look shiny, clean and new); and clean the windows & mirrors. In addition, our students develop the soft skills wanted by employers, such as communication skills, flexibility, personal responsibility, problem solving, team work, time management, and work ethic. Overall, Perez CTC’s Auto Detail strand is an excellent opportunity for students to learn & thrive in a work-based learning atmosphere, as well as acquire skills that will cross all settings and assist them on their journey towards self-sufficiency. 

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