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Auto Detailing

Perez Car Wash

Perez Auto Detailing and Car Wash


The Perez Career & Transition Center (CTC) Auto Detail strand provides students the opportunity to focus on acquiring, developing, maintaining, and performing work readiness skills needed to gain an entry-level position. Our mission is to help students prepare for life after school where they can become independent adults, while providing an opportunity for students to be work-capable and hirable by any employers.


As Auto Detailers, we use a hands-on, practical transition-to-work instruction program that provides students with the tools and support necessary to work as independently as possible.


Some Auto Detailing and Car Wash Responsibilities include but are not limited to…

· Cleaning Interior and Exterior

· Hands on set up and break down of work space

· Perform basic hand wash and Dry

· Vacuum the interior and trunk

· Clean the tires, rims & wheel wells

· Apply Cleaning and Protective product (Wax, Degreaser, Window Cleaner)

· Operating hoses, vacuum and other equipment to meet service needs.

· Perform Inspections

· Managing Inventory and reordering supplies

· Adhere to Client Inquiries, Orders and Writing Receipts


And much more…


In addition, our students develop transferable soft skills that can be applied to any workplace environment. These soft skills are traits desired by employers, such as communication skills, flexibility,

personal responsibility, problem solving, team work, time management, and work ethic. Overall, Perez CTC’s Auto Detail strand is an excellent opportunity for students to learn & thrive in a work-based learning atmosphere as well as acquire skills that will assist them on their journey towards self-sufficiency.



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