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Character Counts

Character counts is a curriculum for school-wide positive behavior support.  Our students and staff adhere to the 6 pillars of character: Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.  We hold monthly assemblies where students of the month and employees of the month are recognized along skits, videos, songs, etc. about the pillar we are recognizing.  Teaching our students this program helps build self-esteem and give them tools to have a successful adult life.




Perez encourages everyone to adopt, teach, embrace and utilize the “Six Pillars of Character” listed below.  This effort will create a community where citizens personally and collectively embrace the principle that Character Counts!



♦TRUSTWORTHINESS♦  A person of character is trustworthy, lives with integrity, is honest, reliable and loyal.

♦RESPECT♦  A person of character values all persons, respects with dignity, privacy and freedom of others, is courteous and polite and is tolerant and accepting of differences.

♦RESPONSIBILITY♦  A person of character meets the demands of duty, is accountable, pursues excellence and exercises self control.

♦FAIRNESS♦  A person of character is fair and just, is impartial, listens and is open to different points of view.

♦CARING♦   A person of character is caring, compassionate, kind, loving, considerate and charitable.

♦CITIZENSHIP♦  A person of character is a good citizen, does his or her share, helps the community, plays by the rules, and respects authority and the law.



CHARACTER COUNTS! is the most widely implemented approach to character education, reaching millions of youth. The CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition is a diverse, nonpartisan alliance of hundreds of human-service and educational organizations that seek to develop core ethical values (the “Six Pillars”) that transcend political, religious, class and ethnic divisions.


What Are It's Core Beliefs?

1.    There are enduring, universal moral truths – principles of thought and conduct – which distinguish right from wrong and define the essence of good character.

2.    Character really counts! In personal relationships, in school, at the workplace – in life – who you are makes a difference.

3.    Character is not hereditary, nor does it develop automatically; it must be consciously developed by example and demand.


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