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Nicole Douglas Page

My name is Nicole Douglas, and I am the Career and Transition Specialist at Perez CTC. I have been in the field of Special Education for 23 years, with 9 of those years as a Special Education Assistant, 12 years as a Special Education Teacher in the SDC program working with MD/DI students, 1 year as CTC coordinator for Banneker CTC, and 2 years as a specialist for the Career and Transition Centers. My responsibilities as a Specialist at the CTC include the oversight, growth, and development within our CTC vocational training programs. I also support additional transition programs for students with Moderate/Severe disabilities, ages 18-22.  CATS (Center for Advanced Training Skills) program and Project Search make up the continuum of transition program options offered through the CTC that focuses on preparing our students with the necessary work readiness/employment skills, social skills, and independence that is necessary to become productive members of society in the future.