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Building Maintenance

Building and Maintenance

This course prepares students for careers in custodial services. Students are assessed and become aware of their vocational strengths and weaknesses by performing job tasks in all phases of building services and grounds work. Students learn various duties involved around grounds keeping and building maintenance services. In our classes, students learn a variety of custodial skills.  Our students are learning to be school custodians. They are  learning skills such as:  wiping outside and inside tables, cleaning windows, washing walls, sweeping and mopping  floors, cleaning classrooms, and vacuuming the carpets. Also students will learn how to rake and sweep the leaves.  They will be learning to do the wash this year as well as folding and sizing clothing and delivering the clothing. The students will be focusing on safety skills, as well as learning about sanitizing surfaces.  The students will also be learning about safely retrieving the equipment needed to perform the job they are assigned to do as well as properly storing the equipment used.  Students will receive periodic classroom "talks" by one of our custodians here at the school.  He is a former student from our school and has been hired on by the District as a School Custodian.  Our students will learn about punctuality and wearing a uniform for the job.  Hopefully, near the end of the course, our students will be able to fill out a "mock"  job application with assistance, which will give the students a chance to experience what it is like to apply for a job.  The teacher will periodically take pictures of the students to use in a portfolio for the students.